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The Beauty of A Cocktail

September 18, 2014

Hey World.

Hope everyone is doing well. I am clearly not a avid blogger and for this i apologize. Life can become very busy and with a lack of downtime it becomes quite hard to sit down and take the time to reflect and put pen to paper or keys to a keyboard.

I want to talk about cocktails. Now I am sure many people have a different idea of what a cocktail is or perhaps things of a different beverage when that word comes to mind. For me its not a crummy Vodka Slime or Pornstar Cocktail its more traditional. The essence of a great cocktail for me is great ingredients. I love the taste of higher end liquors and truly enjoy when those are combined with fresh or unprocessed ingredients like real fruit juices or the freshest mint we can find.

I would have to say my favourite cocktail is a Old Fashion. I know its a little cliche and yes I am a bit of a Mad Men fan but its bloody delicious. Now the thing about a Old Fashion is it can be my favourite and also my least favourite if not done properly. I don't know about you but when I have a truly great drink, I tell people about it. I want them to go to that place and check it out much like so many people do with food. We remember those great cocktails. I still can say the best one I have had is in Palm Springs at a business partners wedding. IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS. IT WAS PERFECT!!! Pretty much like Radiohead to me.

Those of you who venture to Bo's regularily have probably noticed us venturing into highlighting specific cocktails. We have a goal this year of really continuing to push our craft beer culture but also that of classic and great cocktails to our customers. I truly believe people want a great drink more than they want a great deal and with that in mind I really want to showcase this at Bo's.

Now seeing as this is a blog and I is probably only being read by a couple people I will let you into a little bit of my fears. i am somewhat of a perfectionist. I really tend to push myself hard and I tend to do that with my businesses as well. I want them to be the best they possibly can be and be proud of them. I truly struggle when I fall short. That is my biggest fear in pushing the cocktails at Bo's. FALLING SHORT. I don't and can't be known as the place that has these behemoth classic cocktails like a Old Fashion, A Rob Roy, French 75, Pimms Cup and a Moscow Mule and falls short on them. Literally this has kept me up at night. Now you might say "lose sleep over that. What a idiot." But when you love a place and fight so hard to make it be something your proud of you simply have to care the way I do. My business partner and love ones constantly tell me this is one of my biggest faults.

With that massive overshare put out there I am confident in what we can do and I am confident you will love these cocktails. Come in and give them a try. We really want to wow you and give you guys something to talk about. We will be unveiling some of these cocktails at our Prohibition Party On October 18th and hope to see you there. We have a 16 piece Live Jazz band playing as well as great great prohibition give aways. Come dressed up in your throwback 1930's clothes and join us for some fun!!!!

Whats your favourite cocktail?

The Connection of Music to Bo's!

May 31, 2014

Hey Guys.

Well I sure have not been doing a great job of blogging this last stretch. Busy times plus being lucky enough to be able to disappear to be around my greatest passion in life, LIVE MUSIC!!!! Festival season is upon us and I am going to 7 by the time this year is over. To say it simply I LOVE MY LIFE.
This brings me to my blog focus today. Developing Bo's to be a great music destination in Red Deer. When I look back at all the shows I have been to over the years I ask myself what makes the best ones special. It can of course be the venue and I have been to some very amazing venues over the years. My favourite indoor venue being First Ave in Minneapolis and Outdoor being Red Rocks in Colorado. A venue can definitely bring the best out of a band. But then I have been to some dingy dive bars and pubs and witnessed some truly remarkable moments in music. It is these places that carve their own unique atmosphere that makes for a fun and entertaining show. That is what my hope is for Bo's. We definitely have a good atmosphere in here and have the components to make a great evening (great food and great beer).
I have high high hopes for Bo's and the music we are bringing in here. My goal is to bring music I like and am passionate about and hopefully spill some of that passion over to the staff here and in turn open up people to new and great music that deserves and needs to be heard.
The components are now in place. We have a great house system thanks to a lot for the hard work from Dylan, and have begun booking quality music here thanks to Cory. The next step is getting the awareness out there and get more and more people looking to Bo's for music.
As a restaurant bar we will never be a exclusive music venue but that doesn't mean we can't bring the best music to town here. I trust my musical taste and I hope with time Red Deer will hop on and know that when Bo's has live music playing that it will be damn good.
Check out our next show here. Library Voices on June 16th. Grab your tickets before the date and save $5 on cover.
What bands would you like to see here at Bo's?
Thanks for reading. If anyone out there even does ;)

Industry Staff

March 06, 2014

Hey guys. it has been a while since I have blogged. Those of you who work in this industry will know sometimes we get busy and some things get left on the back burner. I will try not to let this happen again. i know there are thousands out there dying to hear my words. (Hahahahaha)
I am often asked what its like to work with all the staff at Bo's. The simple answer is awesome. I love the family we have here. But thats a easy answer and not what i am trying to do with this blog. So lets dive in.
With over 35 employees you get to see a lot of different people and personalities coming through those back doors. That is part of what makes Bo's great. It is our uniqueness and individuality which makes us who we are. We have days where we may be at each others throats and challenging each other but, in the end we are a family and it shows. We all truly care about each other.
I pride myself in caring about others and helping those when they are need. What I continuously see here is the reverse. Those here coming to my side and helping me. This is something that truly amazes me. So many constantly putting in the extra work needed to make a place like this run at the level that we have come to expect.
I am a anal and demanding boss. I push and strive to do better. I am by far my harshest critic. It is this drive which sometimes drives my crew bonkers. But yet they are right beside me striving to make this place better. Not for me but because they want it too. They love it. They have pride in their work which means a lot to me and hopefully this can be seen in you the customer. This is what is amazing. Coming into work on your own time just because you want to see a event through or help out. This is what is special about the people here.
I recently went on a vacation and had every bar owners (or maybe just mine) become a reality. I sudden change of legislation and suddenly bars can operate at 5 am to watch our boys fight for gold. This is a epic and awesome event. But for a bar it gives you 36 hours to prepare. LOTS AND LOTS OF WORK. Im in another continent on a holiday and stressing!!!! The staff at Bo's came together led by our managers and came through huge. Some working as many as 20 straight hours. They carried out the most amazing event in the history of Bo's Bar & Grill. This is not a embelishment. This is a huge thing considering this business has been in existence for 19 years and has held a lot of events(i owe them so much for this-If you read this then thank you again guys)
If people were to ask me what the people of Bo's do for me well I guess a good answer would be they Inspire me. I work my ass off and try because they do the same for me. I am thankful to be in this business and I truly love it. But I love the people more. That goes with the staff and the customers. I meet and work with amazing people and get to have fun doing it.

Thanks for Listening!!!!!

Beer Revolution

January 25, 2014

Hey Guys!!!!!

This is the first of what will become many posts. I hope to show you a inside look into Bo's and the direction we are headed in. Lets begin with beer, well because who doesn't love beer!!!!

What is craft beer? This is a very broad and differing term. Generally it is considered beer that comes from small batches and uses high quality ingredients. At no point during the brewing process is the beer diluted with water. Lets just say it means unique. It is unique because each brewery has such a custom brewing process. Their beer is their art.

Craft beer to me is like music and perhaps this is why I love it so much. Those who know me know that I am obsessed with music. The beauty about music and craft beer is one in the same. It differs for everyone. Some people Love Kings of Leon and Molson Canadian and i am simply not one of them. The experience of trying a new beer to me is like unwrapping that vinyl that you picked up after a show. You heard about it and now you get to fully experience it. Create your own opinion of it. Some you will love and want all the time (like a Radiohead, a Arcade Fire or a National album), some you will enjoy but perhaps only in certain situations(Like a Disclosure or Damian Jurardo album) . Other beers may be absolutely horrible or simply not for you(like a Muse, a Justin Bieber, or a Nickelback album). But hell at least your out there trying something new.

When we designed our new menu our concept was much like that of craft beer. We wanted something delicious and carefully made of the highest quality. It is important to us that we are doing things that are different then anyone else and pushing the bar higher and higher. Think about that next time your drinking a beer. You may like a beer but what if there was something better out there.

With our renovation at Bo's came a emphasis on pushing the craft culture. We bring in 15 new craft beers monthly, frequently rotate through our draught taps to give our customers something new to experience each time they come in. Next time you are in ask your server to suggest something for you to try. They are knowledgable in beer culture and will lead you in the right direction depending on what your preferences you have.

Happy drinking guys!!!! Oh and sorry if I offended any of you Kings Of Leon fans out there but they are simply awful. But hey thats only my opinion and I am a man who loves a nice heavy stout!!!